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Hydration Mist 16oz.

Hydration Mist 16oz.

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Hydration Mist 


To boost moisture and hydrate along with regular hair regimen in between washes. Great to utilize after wash and go's and or co-wash. This formula not only hydrates, but refreshes all curl patterns, replenishes much needed nutrients which also help stimulate hair  growth. 

 *Shake well before use 


Formulated perfectly with water, oils such as castor, jojoba, glycerin, essential oil blends such as rosemary and lavender. Infused with Hamamelis virginiana extract, cucumber, fig, aloe white and green tea, fragrance. 


Our rich soulful Soul and Earth 

Signature "Its Golden" genuine handmade fragrance is a delight and No worries....No Parabens, No sulphates and its cruelty free.   

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